First Stakeholder Meeting

On December 9, 2016 the first stakeholder meeting was held. The project ensures the participation of stakeholders, social partners, employers, professional unions and civil society during the whole process of the establishment of the TVET institution. Furthermore, in order to maintain sustainability of the transparent and fair decision-making process, stakeholder engagement will be maintained by establishing a Stakeholder Committee and thematic working groups.

The project related activities include the Coordination of stakeholders/social partners to create space for dialogue in HSE related issues in order to insure proper evidence based decision-making and information sharing and promote HSE TVET program countrywide. The key specific activities will include:

  • Identifying HSE key stakeholders/social partners from the public and private sectors;
  • Creating Stakeholder Committee to engage and support project implementation;
  • Sharing national and international best practices and lessons learned in the field;
  • Signing MOU between project implementers and key HSE stakeholders to support the HSE TVET program;
  • Identify HSE expert-specialists from the industries for creation the DACUM team;
  • Organizing meetings with industry leading stakeholders;




Ietim Gurji 9, Tbilisi (+995) 599 71 84 00 / (+995) 577 10 11 07

Ietim Gurji 9, Tbilisi

(+995) 599 71 84 00 / (+995) 577 10 11 07 /

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