Anagi Construction Site Visit

On June 1, 2018 students visited the Anagi construction site as a part of the activities of the Introduction to Anatomy module by Nukri Meleksishvili.  Students were welcomed by the company’s engineer and HSE manager who introduced themselves and gave some brief information about the building and the safety measures they conduct during the construction period. They also talked about the particular safety norms/equipment which the building will have in the future such as fire safety and others. Students were required to wear special protective equipment, supplied from GIPA’s inventory, which included safety helmets, vests and protective footwear. During the visit, students had the opportunity to observe a wide range of different processes, take notes on their observations, ask questions and so on. Students were accompanied by the company’s HSE manager who showed them different floors of the building construction which were at different stages of completion and he offered insights and comments which were very interesting for the students. Additionally, students also had the opportunity to talk with the construction workers themselves who shared their own experiences and explained the details of various processes.  There was active note taking on the part of the students who also supplemented their observations with photos and then asked more questions while even giving some recommendations to the HSE manager. The height safety measures, special safety fences and safety belts were of particular interest.




Guram Panjikidze 1, Tbilisi (+995) 599 71 84 00 / (+995) 577 10 11 07

Guram Panjikidze 1, Tbilisi

(+995) 599 71 84 00 / (+995) 577 10 11 07 /

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